Hydrated Hair After Bleaching: Here's the Secret Florida
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Hydrated Hair After Bleaching: Here’s the Secret

Hydrated Hair After Bleaching: Here’s the Secret


Are you thinking of going blonde? Perhaps you want to dye your hair a lighter color?

Most people who wish to bleach their hair want to experience a significant change appearance-wise— and we understand this urge! However, hair bleaching can leave your hair looking dull, frizzy, and lifeless, so what’s the point of hair bleaching if it damages your confidence, right?

As your trusted provider for beauty services in Bonita Springs, Florida, allow us to share with you some aftercare secrets you will need to hydrate and revitalize your bleached hair. Take us on our words when we say:

  • Add Essential Oils to Your Regimen

    As salon experts, we highly recommend argan oil— an antioxidant-rich substance that helps seal moisture and adds luster to otherwise dull-looking hair. Applying coconut oil is also ideal for preventing protein loss and (further) hair damage. Visit our salon for top-quality oils and other hair products.

  • Do Away with Heat Styling and Chlorine

    Do you reach for the blow dryer, curling wand, or straightening iron to style your hair? It’s time to keep those styling equipment locked away for at least three weeks after bleaching your hair. Try to avoid swimming pools as well. Chlorine-filled waters will leave a brassy tint on your hair, making it look unappealing.

Here are other surprising bleaching aftercare hacks you might not know about:

  • Lessen shampoo usage; opt for leave-in conditioners instead.
  • Since bleached hair is heat damaged, it’s best to wash your hair with cool water.
  • Comb your hair only when it’s wet using a wide-toothed comb.

L’Elite Hair & More Beauty Studio is a trusted go-to provider for services involving haircare in Florida. So, are you ready to go blonde? Start by booking our services.

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