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About Our Salon


L’Elite is a provider of hair and beauty services in Bonita Springs, Florida. We do hair cut, natural hair, color, hair styling, and hair extensions. We also provide facials, body waxing, grooming and hair removal, and more. Our customers can enjoy pampering and relax in our welcoming, vibrant atmosphere. We are a network of stylists dedicated to bringing out your best self and helping you create the right look you want for yourself.

L’Elite’s Story

Linda is back to her first love. She owned a couple of hair salons in the East Coast of Florida. In 2007, she packed all the salon’s equipment and moved to the West Coast of Florida with the idea of opening a new hair salon, but the economy took downward spiral — therefore, she decided to go into another profession.

Linda Elisca made the decision to go back to university and obtained a master’s degree in social work while she was working as a Certified Nursing Assistant. Working as a Medical Social worker in the Emergency Room (ER) at a local trauma hospital, she encounters many women who are dealing with Domestic Violence and being abused by spouses and significant others. Many of those women often have many similarities such as lack of confidence. However, they would always smiling when she would say to the women, “you have beautiful hair.” Linda decided to volunteer once a week and special occasions like Mother’s Day at the shelter for women and children who are abused to do hair and listen to their dilemmas .

Linda met some courageous and resilient women and children. This is a quote from one of the survivors, “When my time in the salon chair was up… Well let me just say that Linda is a master of her trade! I not only looked fantastic, but my posture was different. My walk was different, and my words even came out little different! I smiled from ear to ear! She helped me find my SWAG again. I looked gooood!” This is one of the reasons why Linda decided to go back to practice her talent. The salon will be a place for individual to come and feel comfortable. We will also providing resources for those who are in need of assistance. Linda will reaching out to other hair salons in the community to help raise awareness about domestic and sexual violence. Linda will continue to provide services and resources to women and children at the local shelters. We will provide many hair care services such as hair styling, cutting, and coloring hair, weaves or hair extensions, facials, make-up, tweezing eyebrow.

What We Offer:

  • Haircuts and Styling
  • Hair Extensions
  • Formal Hair Styling
  • Perms and Relaxers

Mission Statement

L’Elite Hair & More Beauty Studio’s mission is to create a comfortable, cozy, and ambiance atmosphere for our clients to explore and express their individuality by providing quality products and services. We pride ourselves in providing exceptional work, listening to every one of our client’s needs. Most importantly, to guide and educate our customers on new products and trends.

Vision Statement

We envision to make L’Elite Hair & More Beauty Studio the place of choice in Bonita Springs, because at L’Elite, we will provide skillful and professional services, as well as help to enhance the inner and outer beauty and confidence of our clients.